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As companies increasingly rely on technology to power their businesses, the need for a robust and flexible IT infrastructure has become more critical than ever. With the rise of cloud computing, organisations are increasingly adopting a hybrid cloud approach that combines the best of both worlds—the flexibility and scalability of public cloud services and the control and security of private cloud solutions.

A hybrid cloud enables companies to seamlessly move workloads and data between different cloud environments and choose the right cloud for each workload based on cost, security, and performance. However, managing a hybrid cloud can be daunting, and companies must ensure they have the expertise and resources to take full advantage of this technology.

Almost two-thirds of spending on application software will be directed toward cloud technologies in 2025.”
Gartner, 2022

Empower Your Business With
Expert Hybrid Cloud Services

Migrating to cloud infrastructure can be complex and risky, requiring careful consideration of security risks, legacy systems, and application design. Ricoh understands these challenges and offers complete cloud solutions, hosting and data centres, and expert consultancy services to help you navigate these changes with minimal disruption to your business.

Our specialists work with you at every step to provide a fast, secure, and cost-effective migration to cloud hosting platforms and ensure efficient management of your business-critical IT infrastructure. With Ricoh, you can unleash your business’s full potential and stay ahead of the digital curve.

Robust cloud solutions for enhanced hosting and data centres

As the digitalisation of data and devices continues to disrupt organisations, many struggle to keep up with the infrastructure agility and flexibility required to effectively consolidate, automate, standardise, and virtualise their systems.

With comprehensive cloud solutions for hosting and data centres, you can revitalise your business and gain a competitive edge. Whether you need to enhance your hosting capabilities, streamline your data centre operations, or leverage the power of the cloud for your business needs, our complete cloud solutions have you covered.

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Seamless migration services with minimal disruption

Cloud infrastructure can bring significant benefits to your business, but not all applications or data are suitable for migration. There are key factors that you need to take into consideration such as business continuity and resource availability, among other things.

At Ricoh, we understand the challenges and risks involved in migration, which is why we offer seamless migration services. Our team of experts will work with you to assess your needs and develop a customised migration plan that ensures minimal downtime, maximum security, and optimised performance. With our help, you can confidently transition to the cloud and start reaping the benefits of modern infrastructure.

More than 77% of global business organisations have adopted a hybrid cloud approach, which can help drive digital transformation, yet the majority of these organisations are struggling with the complexity of making all their cloud environments work together.”
IBM, 2022

Guiding You at
Every Step With
Expert Consultancy

The world of cloud hosting can be overwhelming, but with our expert consultancy services, you don’t have to navigate it alone. Our team works with you to analyse your application environment, identify the best approach to choosing a cloud hosting platform, and minimise the risks you’re exposed to during and after migration.

With our specialists by your side, you can be confident that your transition to the cloud will be seamless and cost-effective, with minimal disruption to your business. At Ricoh, we provide efficient, secure, and reliable management of your business-critical IT infrastructure. Let us help you unlock your full potential and guide you at every step.

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Why Ricoh?

Ricoh is a leading provider of digital services, process automation, and information management solutions designed to support digital transformation and optimise business performance. Backed by an 85-year history of cultivating knowledge and nurturing organisational capabilities, Ricoh empowers the creation of digital workplaces utilising innovative partners and technologies, providing the expertise and services that enable individuals to work smarter from anywhere.

Advisory and Design

Advisory & Design

We work with our customers to understand their business objectives and barriers.

Build and Deploy

Build and Deploy

We build the right solutions and successfully deploy to optimise adoption.

Manage and Support

Manage and Support

We manage and support the deployed solutions and tech environment proactively.

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Ricoh Professional & Managed Services

Professional & Managed Services offer businesses a cost-effective and reliable solution to their technology and cybersecurity needs. Your business can have all its IT needs taken care of by a team of experts who will ensure your systems and network are up to date, secure, and reliable. 

By outsourcing your network management, server monitoring, data backup and recovery, and cybersecurity needs to a third-party partner, you can reduce the costs and risks of hiring internal IT staff. Technology worries shouldn't slow down your business—let Ricoh's Professional & Managed Services take care of it all.

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