Blogs - Ricoh Singapore Digital Transformation Journey

26 May 2022

Ricoh Singapore Digital Workplace services embrace the design and creation of workplaces to help businesses reap the benefits of workstyle innovation. See how Ricoh Singapore transforms a physical office space using proven Workplace Analysis, Workplace Design & Workplace Change Management programmes.

Ben Chong, our MD, envisioned an agile workspace that encompasses space, people, and technology. An agile workspace that allows employees to choose where they want to work. This approach is very much in line with Ricoh Singapore's work culture to foster flexibility in terms of communications and collaboration and promote higher productivity while catering to the well-being of our employees.


Ricoh strives to improve work-life through empowering digital workplaces with technology solutions. The two key elements targeted at optimising space usage and boosting productivity.

  1. Activity-based working (ABW) concept.
  2. A suite of intelligent office solutions with an ecosystem of data-driven hardware and software for creating an agile digital workspace within the ABW scheme.

An Agile Workplace

Our innovative office begins at the entrance, where visitors can sign in digitally via a visitor management system at the front concierge. No more receptionist; our colleague has been upskilled & redeployed to perform HR duties, thus doing meaningful work aligned to the current work trend of the digitally enabled workforce.

Ricoh Graphics Showroom

Ricoh graphics showroom demonstrates a high-value, premium application from Ricoh's transformative technology. We have integrated this showroom as part of Ricoh's office space.

Good space planning helped Ricoh merge our regional experience centre into Ricoh Singapore Environment, saving 40% of our combined space. It can also be converted into a Private Enclosed Production Environment for Sensitive Projects Evaluations by simply drawing the Glass Panel Doors and Blinds.

Ricoh Hall, A multi-functional hall

The Ricoh Hall, equipped with WIFI for both Guest and Ricoh Use & large interactive whiteboards, offers employees and guests a conducive place for informal meetups or ad-hoc brainstorming sessions that can take place any time of the day. Employees no longer feel uncomfortable or guilty about taking long coffee breaks. Large windows panes allow for natural lighting, which reduces carbon footprint & cost-effective.

Workplace Wellness

We have incorporated Workplace Wellness technology, i.e., Continuous air & surface disinfection solution adopting Photo Plasma technology throughout the office environment.

It provides a safe environment against Avian Flu & Coronavirus. Certified by WHO & requires no filter; thus, no maintenance is required.

Daily, it helps to remove odours, e.g., heavy food smells, providing a pleasant environment. During our office renovation, the paint smell was completely purged off after one day.

It is energy-saving (12V DC, 20W) which reduces our carbon footprint & cost-effective too.

Flexible Workspaces: Room Configuration & Tech Connectivity

A purposeful & intentional design thinking to group all meeting & discussion rooms into a flexible meeting zone that can be transformed on-demand from town halls to small meetings or even exhibition halls.

Designed with operable wall panels integrated with acoustic treatment, furnished with a standard desk & with locking devices, each of these rooms can be combined to form a larger space for conferences or training sessions. They are all equipped with Projectors, Interactive Whiteboards, and Video Conference solutions that enable small to large-scale discussion for onsite and remote collaborations.


Change Management

Ricoh has fully embraced a digital workplace by using secure & innovative digital tools such as document management software, cloud infrastructure & services, online communication tools & Rioch Interactive Whiteboards.

As Ricoh Singapore office goes through a digital transformation, likewise employee way of work must change. The first step is to digitise all their documents. All staff underwent training on how to take the first step of breaking free from paper.

With continual training & upskilling opportunities, we support our employees' transition to be tech skills so they can continue to flourish & thrive at work. For example, Ricoh's innovative office concept begins at the entrance, where visitors can sign in digitally via a visitor management system at the front concierge, thus eliminating the need for a receptionist. Now our colleague has been upskilled & redeployed to perform HR duties.

We have empowered our employees to work seamlessly anywhere & everywhere while maintaining smooth collaboration & communication, enhancing productivity, creativity &, in turn, work-life balance.

We must be ONE TEAM to see the actual change. And we have proven our resilience & successful transformation from this pandemic whereby a physical workplace no longer constrains us with manual work processes.


To provide an agile workplace and workflow, the office must reconsider integrating people/technology and space in the office workplace to support agile workers & hybrid work mode. Ricoh's latest digital workplace with expertise and services from four main pillars: The Hybrid Workplace, Digital Workflow & Automation Solutions, Cloud & Infrastructure & Cybersecurity will support customers to unlock their opportunities.

No longer will a person's job be defined by where they work: It will be defined by how they work.